Interesting Activities in Ha Long Bay

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Ha Long Bay is a recreational paradise, with plenty of exhilarating activities available. The importance of the area with naturalist also means there are many tour that serve visitor with special interests. The most popular way to travel in Halong Bay is spend two or three days on cruise. And included in the trip are many interesting activities such as:

1. Kayaking

This is a best way of exploring caves and getting close up and personal with the region’s natural wonders. Typically, kayaks are inflatable and your party is taken to a starting point by boat, which stays on standby and provides support when needed. With this arrangement and the calmness of the bay’s waters, kayakers can feel quite safe and fully enjoy their paddling.

2. Rock Climbing

Rock climbing has been very popular around the world but has only begun to develop in Vietnam. Ha Long Bay is one of the most majestic climbing areas of the world. With over 3000 lime stones karts rising from the sea. Halong bay is an amazing place to climb. There are countless beautiful limestone faces and the potential is incredible for both rope climbing and psycho bouldering.

3. Cruising

This is the best way of seeing all the beauty Halong Bay has to offer. There are two basic cruise options: full scale five-star luxury boats or traditional junk. While the luxury cruise ships may be great from their range of facilities and amenities, nothing can beat the open deck of the timeless junk for capturing the magic of Halong Bay at all hours of the day and night.

4. Swimming

The best time for swimming is from May to October, when the weather is hot and the water crystal clear. Swimming is possible at countless sites in Halong Bay, either off the shores of islands or in cave grottos. The peaceful waters of the bay means swimming is rarely dangerous due to strong currents, but care should be taken when swimming near rocky ledges that may be covered with oysters and other shellfish.

5. Cooking

Besides many activities, the guest can join cooking demonstration. The chef will shows you how to prepare some Vietnamese dishes, with fresh ingredients and imaginative flavors, and one of the highlights of any trip to Vietnam is the food. Even if you do not expect to do much Vietnamese cooking, a cooking class is a fun and interesting way to learn about the local ingredients and how to make some of the popular dishes

6. Fishing

Come to Halong, Visitors will have to chance to go fishing and work with the fisherman on their daily life activities. Besides, tourist will learn more about their life and enjoy trip on this special way, this will make your tip unforgettable.

Besides these activities, there are many other activities in Halong Bay such as trekking, studying geological values, studying the biodiversity, shopping….Come to Halong Bay, you will be tried all interesting activities.

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Interesting Activities in Ha Long Bay

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Interesting Activities in Ha Long Bay

This article was published on 2012/12/24